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Regardless of you are a water management or a solar installation company, reports & documentation will always be important in your enterprise for business operations to run efficiently. Pen and paper methods will create bottlenecks and slow you down. Enterprises waste hundreds of hours without even realizing the drawbacks of paper methods.

Axonator’s utilities, energy & electric mobile apps will assist you to complete the work faster than ever with a greater degree of accuracy, regardless of you working on safety inspection or backflow device test reports. The app allows sharing of data in real-time, takes lesser time to collect data and faster decision-making. This boosts the productivity. Axonator’s app helps enterprises save energy and money that is usually wasted on pens and papers, printing, photocopying, data entry, etc. Axonator offers a wide range of apps for wind farms, public utility, electric power plants, energy efficiency programs, solar energy, energy conservation, renewable energy sectors, etc.

The apps made on Axonator are far better solutions to traditional pen and paper approach. The data can be submitted and reports can be created easily in PDF format and shared with the team in no time. Axonator provisions creating templates with placeholders that can be replaced important data. All the data can easily be stored on Axontor cloud powered by AWS. Checklists, reports and forms are all in one place - can be easily shared with teams.

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