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Every company requires paperwork in supply chain & logistics. Regardless of what kind of supply chain company it is or a warehouse or a transportation service company like charter & shuttle bus service, truck company, railroads, aircraft, public transport company, etc., every company needs to collect the data.

There are a variety of forms that these companies use like delivery confirmation form, safety inspection form, vehicle inspection form, equipment inspection form, mileage tracking form, bills of lading, invoices, etc. It requires a great deal of effort to fill out paper forms and then enter the data manually into systems.

Axonator’s mobile forms can boost your logistics services. Our existing templates can be customized that match your requirement exactly. Our forms and apps can make it very easier to collect, submit, and share data. Inventory, operations, and transportation apps can be used by supply chain analysts, logistics management specialists, logistics analysts, freight train conductors, business operations professionals, warehouse teams, etc.

Teams can now submit data without worrying about the internet connectivity. They can create reports in no time just with clicks, and share crucial PDFs for supply chain and logistics management. You can even make customized reports with your own brand name, logos, and colors. We have an inbuilt inspection checklist template that can help you make sure the most of the important data is collected and kept track of. Make use of our GPS features that allow the field teams to share location and put geo stamps. They can even capture images, and annotate them.

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