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It can be quite a tedious task for your field teams working in different parts of the country to collect data & then enter the data into the database. Enterprises have to take care of the fact that field teams not only complete the service forms and reports accurately but also send those quickly back to the offices. Delays in the field service reports usually lead to miscommunication between decision-makers and field teams that further leads to slow service.

With Axonator, it has become easier to store all the documents in one place, and fetch customer information at any point in time. Axonator features specially developed mobile apps for field service automation. These templates can be easily customized to suit your exact requirements - and apps created could be accessed by your field teams through mobile devices.

With Axonator, you can share the data with everyone and store it on cloud powered by AWS. Now enable data-sharing faster. Bring operator, repairman, inspector, assembler, supervisor, manager, foreman, engineer, etc. on the same page.

Regardless of which type of technicians like metal processing, products manufacturing, pest control technicians, electrical equipment repairman, locksmiths, plumbers, machine & appliance repair, furniture & fixtures, commercial and residential cleaners, etc., this field service automation suits everyone and is a great app to use. The app has proved very useful for field service management teams.

Axonator apps also cater to service and repairs, HVAC work orders, 5S audit forms, property condition reports and oil delivery reports. Axonator’s field service automation apps can be customized easily as per your needs, and you don’t have to spend on expensive field service management software. Your field teams need not have any expensive tools to use the apps, all they need is a mobile device. They can submit the data with just a click and share-real time information with managers. Axonator has helped enterprises to get rid of pen and paper form methods completely.

Axonator offers a variety of templates that allow you to organize your data and also make your job way easier as forms can be shared with not just mobile devices but also computers. Axonator also allows creating different templates with placeholders that can be replaced with your own data. Checklists, order forms and service reports can now be stored in one place. Axonator allows report generation just through clicks that can be shared through PDFs easily.

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