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Axonator offers inbuilt templates that can help facility service companies in their routine maintenance, inspection or repair work. There are templates available with Axonator that have been specifically designed keeping facility management in mind. These apps can be used by facility services company to collect data through mobile devices, and they can completely eliminate the use of pen and paper methods, and other drawbacks of pen and paper methods.

Enterprises can now use the existing templates or even customize them to match their needs. You can create service request forms, work orders, data collection forms, invoices, checklists, inspection forms, etc. in no time.

These apps are compatible with a variety of devices and platforms - iPads, iPhones, Android phones, tabs, desktops, etc. Now facility managers can be notified on devices, they also have real-time database access, and can check the date & time of inspection. Tasks can be automatically assigned now for maintenance.

Enterprises using Axonator app for facility services and management are able to take corrective and preventive actions, and also comply better with the maintenance and safety norms. It has become easy for facility management companies to measure and track performance through analytical tools on Axonator apps. They can share the data through PDF reports that are generated easily within clicks. These PDFs can have their logo and brand mention. Axonator has a template feature with placeholders that can be replaced with your own data.

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