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About Retail Sales And Wholesale Distribution

Paper forms are traditional ways of collecting different kinds of data for retail stores, wholesale stores, distributors, etc. But not anymore, you can collect rich data through Axonator mobile apps that make data collection easier & efficient.

Documentation that happens through paper and pen is error-prone and data entry into systems is time-consuming and erroneous. Switching to mobile apps can save thousands of man-hours wasted in repetitive & long laborious tasks. Teams now can use the retail templates that are inbuilt or even customize as per your requirement. Now collecting data & sharing information that involves order forms, merchandise inspection reports, inventory reports, etc. is made the way easier.

You can find apps on Axonator for different kinds of retail reports & retail forms like inventory control assessments, customer satisfaction surveys, work order checklists, delivery receipts, installment contracts, retail evaluation reports, business plan formats, mystery shopper reports, worker compensation paperwork, etc.

Different professionals from this retail and sales stores can use this app. It could be the sales manager, sales executive, purchaser, mystery shopper, retail store associate, etc. It’s incredibly easy to collect, save and share data in real-time. Invoices and reports can be generated easily and shared in PDF format that has your brand design - logo, name, colors, etc. Axonator provides templates with placeholders that can be replaced with the company data.

Companies have been able to create checklists, inspection forms, contracts, etc. that allows them to not miss out on collecting important data.

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