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No matter in what industry you are, be it oil and natural gas industry, quarry industry, mining industry or chemical industry, data collection using pen and paper methods can be a really painful process. It is time-consuming, erroneous, repetitive and also costly. Paper forms for reports, evaluations, inspections, audits, etc. is just wasting your time, efforts and money.

You can now use simple mobile apps to get rid of paper forms. These mobile forms can help you collect data and make reports relating to drilling, incident reports, crude oil, cost analysis, vehicle reports, extraction procedure documents, machinery reports, MSDS compliance checklists, etc. It can save thousands of manhours of your teams and help them work way faster with Axonator mobile app. Your teams can now submit the data and share the information in real time.

Axonator’s mobile apps will help you to store data in Axonator drive through the cloud - where it is secure and safe. No more physical storage problems. You can fetch any data reports in no time. The data collected from the field is shared in real-time with managers in the office. PDF reports are generated with just a few clicks, which can be shared in no time. Branding PDFs with company name & logo is a plus. Axonator offers templates with placeholders that can be replaced with your own data to be shared as emails or PDFs.

Axonator has inbuilt templates that are specifically built for quarry industry, oil & natural gas industry, chemical industry, mining industry, etc. The can be customized as per the requirements. Teams can use these apps for various functions like machine operations, waste management, drilling, etc.

Now organizing the data, scheduling the tasks, and assigning the tasks has become a cakewalk for most Axonator clients. Axonator offers business insights through a variety of analytical tools that can really empower the managers and leaders to make critical business decisions by tracking the performance and taking corrective & preventive actions.

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