Construction Repair and Improvements

About Construction Repair and Improvements

Axonator makes it very easy for enterprises dealing in construction, repair and improvement to work on mobile apps for data collection and workflow automation. It helps firms to eliminate paperwork. Construction firms who switched to Axonator have been able to increase their productivity and reduce overheads to a greater extent. There are templates that have been designed for contractors, maintenance workers, project teams, building owners, and other professionals who deal in construction and repair work.

You can pick from existing construction, repair, and improvement templates or even chose to customize the existing ones and make apps that exactly suit your enterprise requirements. Contract forms, inspection forms, property assessment forms, checklists, contractor agreements, maintenance forms, work orders, invoices, etc. can be easily created. This makes it very easy to manage the project.

Once the data is submitted, it is automatically saved on the Axonator drive - safe & secure. PDF reports can be generated and shared with managers, contractors, building owners, customers, teams, etc. These PDFs can be branded with company name and logo. Axonator has an interesting feature of creating templates with placeholders that can be replaced with your own unique data everytime, which can be used as email template or PDFs.

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