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Axonator offers a workflow that can completely automate processes for your business. Inefficient paper forms methods can be completely discarded. Now assigning any task to team member can be done automatically by setting the workflows just by drag and drop. Setting a complex workflow with Axonator doesn’t need any technical expertise. It can be implemented easily. There are many inbuilt workflow templates for you to choose from. Teams can use their mobile devices for data collection, notification, task allocation, etc.

The data collected can be shared in real-time with the managers for review. Managers can approve or reject the data submitted. Managers can just create reports within clicks, they can even analyze the data faster by using analytics dashboard. Reports created could be branded with company name and logo, and then can be shared easily over email. Templates from Axonator contains placeholders that can be replaced with your enterprise’s data.

Creating workflows using Axonator can allow you to trigger notifications and set reminders for a particular job. Businesses using Axonator to build complex workflows have been able to save thousands of man hours and increase the productivity.

Features such as date, time, location, signature, image, computation ability, sub-forms, skip logic, etc. make data capture very easy process. Conditional & advance logic in workflow makes it easy for businesses to streamline their processes. Workflows make task monitoring, approval, and assignment very easy for managers.

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Build Mobile Data Collection App for Your Business in Days!

Axonator makes building mobile data collection apps a breeze. All you need to do is drag and drop widgets from the palette to the virtual mobile screen and click ‘publish the app.’ That’s it!

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