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Work orders are a significant part of any service business, but processing them on paper forms can be quite a stressful task for the teams. Axonator allows services to use work orders through apps on mobile devices. Paper forms are prone to manual errors, they can get lost, are also subject to wear and tear, handwriting can be illegible, and also have storage problems. And data entry after the forms reach offices from the fields is also another tedious time-consuming process.

Enterprises using Axonator apps to complete work order forms have automated their processes, tasks are being assigned automatically, and they are able to create reports right on the field. These reports in PDF formats can be shared with customers and managers. You can use Axonator templates to replace placeholders with data and send them as an email or PDF reports. Reports can now have your brand logo and name.

Creating work orders, invoices, maintenance requests, checklists, reports, etc. for a variety of industries is easy using Axonator. The data is saved automatically and stored in Axonator drive. Fetching the data is very easy where you can organize the data better according to your needs.

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