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Pen and Paper methods for delivery are a passe. You can now eliminate the erroneous paperwork completely by adopting Axonator mobile app and forms for proof of delivery. You can use existing templates or even customize the current templates as per your needs. Field teams and agents can use their mobile devices to capture data. They can add time, date and location. They can capture images and annotate them - they can even add the signature to make the data more authentic. Proof of delivery using mobile apps allows notifications to be sent immediately to the stakeholders, be it managers or customers. Even emails and PDF reports can be shared. Axonator templates can be used and placeholders can be replaced with the data, which further can be sent as an email template or PDF. Sending delivery notes, delivery confirmation, delivery reports is made the way easier.

You don’t have to buy an overpriced software for your delivery management. Axonator’s app can collect data relating to the individual shipment, delivery service order form, address, invoice receipt, phone number, name, delivery receipt, date of delivery, return receipt, signature confirmation, etc. Companies can use the app to keep a record of order confirmations of different entities and shipping types such as private delivery services, certified mail deliveries, FedEx, courier company deliveries, UPS delivery driver receipts, post office, etc.

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