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Axonator has designed apps and forms that ease the process of incident reporting with regards to workplace injuries at different sites like construction sites, offices, malls, theatres, parks, hospitals, government buildings, police stations, fire stations, schools, etc. Now teams are empowered to capture the rich multimedia data through mobile devices even without an internet connection. They can collect data relating to incident site, incident address, witness information, threats, suspect details, injury details, etc. They can even capture video and images. Incident reporting teams can now annotate the images for better understanding, which is not possible through paper forms. All of these data is safely stored on Axonator cloud powered by AWS.

Companies can now conduct a more meaningful incident investigation and generate reports that can be turned into PDFs. These PDF reports can be shared instantaneously. These PDFs can be customized with company names and logos. There are templates that can allow you to create placeholders, which can be replaced by the data and shared with the teams. Axonator app can send automatic notifications to concerned people and notify them so that action is taken at the right time. So, companies can now save more time and efforts of their incident reporting teams. Managers can even measure performance with the intelligent dashboard.

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