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Axonator allows GIS data collection - which means date, time, location, timestamp, etc. can be added while collecting the data. All of this had to be done manually earlier with pen and paper approach. The Axonator platform has inbuilt form templates that can be accessed through mobile devices by the teams on the fields. You can even customize the form templates as per your requirement. It’s very easy to do that - just drag and drop. No programming required at all. They can collect the data way faster and save hours. Thus, allowing the productivity of the businesses to go up.

This app suits to a variety of industries where fieldwork, inspection, audit, etc. is concerned, and wherever geo locations are critical. Paperwork can be thrown out entirely along with its erroneous process.

Your data can now be submitted and stored to the Axonator drive - where it is safe and secure powered by AWS. Real-time data can be shared and accessed from anywhere through mobile devices and desktops. Report-creating is very easy and can be done with few clicks. You can then share the reports through PDF formats. Axonator has a provision where templates with placeholders can be replaced with the data of the company. These templates could be directly used for emails and PDFs. So, if you are looking forward to having rich and meaningful data, you should try Axonator. Managers can now make intelligent business decisions using the analytics dashboards and track performance of their field teams.

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Axonator makes building mobile data collection apps a breeze. All you need to do is drag and drop widgets from the palette to the virtual mobile screen and click ‘publish the app.’ That’s it!

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