Furnace(boiler) Repair and maintainance Mobile App

Heating systems require a lot of maintainance and repair work, and paper work would do nothing but add to the misery of both the consumers and seller.

Furnace(boiler) Repair and maintainance

App Description

Heating systems require a lot of maintainance and repair work, and paper work would do nothing but add to the misery of both the consumers and seller.This App was specially designed to meet the needs of them both.The app is readily available on all kinds of multimedia devices such as smartphones and tablets. It has never been so easy to create a to-do list of all the items that needs to be inspected during the repairing which is done before the development of The Form For Furnace Repair- Energy Service Mobile App. What is even better is that the users can keep a tab on all their heating repair service needs such as services performed, the total amount due and the material used. The form stays safe in your application for further use making the repair and maintenance of the heating devices a really easy task. OR ( Effectively available from any cell phone or tablet, Furnace(boiler) Repair and maintainance form- Energy Services Mobile app helps you create a helpful list of things that ought to be investigated when performing repairs. The application additionally gives clients a chance to monitor heating repair services performed, materials utilized and aggregate sum due. Once finished, the form can be saved electronically for your records)

Features that Will Make Your Work Effortless

Now enable your teams to do more work with fewer efforts through these widgets. Now enjoy rich data collection and better productivity.

Date, Time, Stopwatch

Capture date & time. Use stopwatch to track time taken for a task.

Text, Checklist, Checkbox

Capture rich text faster. Select options without having to type down everything.

Audio, Video

Collect data in multimedia format like audio & video.


Signature is authentication feature that makes data collection more valuable.

GPS Location

Add location to data from fields & sites. More authentication to data collection.

Child & Parent Property

Objects are represented as forms in Axonator and their relationship is modeled using parent-child relationships.


Turn long forms into smaller ones with subforms to make data collection faster.

Visibility & Calculations

Decide widget visibility based on input. And Computed widget will help you to make calculations.

Barcode & QR Code Scanner

Barcode & QR code scanner can help your teams to capture data in a blink of the eye. No more delays in data collection.

Image Capture with Annotation

Now easily capture images while collecting data. You can even annotate the images to leave important notes for your teams to check and take action.

Furnace(boiler) Repair and maintainance
Capture Data Offline

Field worker can capture data even in offline mode

Furnace(boiler) Repair and maintainance
Save Locally

Save your data locally

Furnace(boiler) Repair and maintainance
Sync to Server

Save your data locally

Be at the Helm of Data.

Now your data collection will work just smooth regardless of your internet connectivity & battery issues.

Never Lose Data

No matter whether your device’s battery discharges completely or there is a breaks down - the data collected will be auto-saved. No repeated tasks anymore.

Low Battery

Running on low battery? Auto-save feature is there to rescue you. All your data is safe and can be accessed later.

Auto Saved Draft

Didn’t submit the data yet? Don’t worry! Auto save feature will enable the data to be saved in drafts that can be submitted as per your convenience.

No Data Loss

Sudden loss of internet connectivity is no more a problem. Your data collection can still go on and be submitted later when the connection is restored.

Integrate forms with any system

Build more capability by integrating different platforms with your app. CRM, Salesforce, PeopleSoft, Zapier, Google Drive, etc. can now be integrated without any hassles to make your work easy and meaningful.


Better communication with team


Connect 450+ website with one click


Send your form data directly to Salesforce

Google Drive

Access your forms from anywhere


Access information from anywhere

Google Forms

Arrange form data in better way

Microsoft Excel

Arrange your data in Excel format


Better communication with team


Connect 450+ website with one click

Google Forms

Arrange form data in better way

Fully Customizable

Axonator is a powerful platform because it allows total customization. You can create different forms exactly the way you want. You can even redesign your existing forms to suit your needs. All it takes is drag and drop. You can take customization to another level by creating reports with your company name and logo.

Furnace(boiler) Repair and maintainance
Furnace(boiler) Repair and maintainance

Import/Export Data

The flow of data from one platform to another becomes so easy with Axonator. You can export the collected data to other platforms or your legacy systems without having to enter the data again. You can even import data from different platforms and save effort and time.

Powerful Dashboard Analytics

Now you can track and measure the performance of the team just through the clicks. Gain business insights to take corrective and preventive action. You can also analyze the performance of the team based on their location.

Furnace(boiler) Repair and maintainance
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